Welcome to Henna Cafe Marrakech

Warmest welcome to the Henna Café

Mission of The Henna Café Project Offering free education to local residents of Marrarkech alongside a unique traditional Moroccan experience for those visiting the city,

the Henna Café is a cultural center in the native heart of the Marrakech Medina providing professional clean Henna tattoos and wonderfully traditional food provided by local women with 100% of profits going to those in need in Marrakech.

The Henna Café charity was set up June 2011 by four UK business people who wanted to give back to Morocco and Marrakech.

As Riad owners and professional henna artists, they came up with the concept of the Henna Café.

Professional Henna Salon
The Henna Café employs local top henna artisan women to run our professional riad friendly henna salon. Supplied with a henna menu of donated designs from top world henna artists, all henna used is safe, clean and organic brown henna. Guests are given a personal aftercare service, which includes a protective mitten/ sock, lemon and sugar sealing, and conversation regarding getting the best out of their henna stain.

Unique Café
Aloft the roof terrace is a café, a space of tranquility and zen with quality local food designed around that eaten by the native population and cooked by Marrakshi women with a range of nomadic specials populated by in-season delights.

Learn some local language in our daily drop in Darija classes or attend our hennaing workshops (suggested donation 20Dm).
These sit alongside the free language and employment skills classes provided and attended by the native population.
Visit us at Hennacafemarakech.com, facebook ‘Hennacafe Marrakech’ or contact the education manager Mohamed on +212 (0) 656566374 W

Henna during Eid-el-Fitr


Originating from Yemen, Libya, Sudan, India and, of course, Morocco, the art of Henna spread to Europe in the 19th century and is now seen as a desirable fashion all over the world as well as a tradition. In the Arab-Muslim world it is often used at times of celebration such as holidays, weddings and Eid. Today, 29th July 2014, is Eid-el-Fitr, more commonly known as ‘little Eid’, which is celebrated at the end of holy fasting month of Ramadan. So perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of the most intricate designs Marrakesh has to offer. The night before Eid, some women don’t sleep preparing themselves for the celebrations. The photos above are some designs completed last night by a local Marrakchi friend.

The Henna at our café, however, does not take as long. In just 5- 10 minutes, our Henna artist, Fatima, will complete one of the elaborate designs we have to offer.

Eid Mubarak and hope you all have a great celebration!

Darija Lessons at Henna cafe

DArija poster hcmsarah

Associaton Assafou

henna cafe supports school

Henna Cafe are proud to support the Association Assafou for rural development.

The specific project we are supporting is in Agounsane a village which is in less than an hour from Marrakech but in an isolated position in the mountians behind Tahanout. The Assafou association has built a school and hired a teacher.  The school opened in 2012.
We are contributing to the build costs of constructing phase 2, a training centre on the first floor. The main purpose of the centre will be to educate local women with an emphasis on literacy,   hygeine, and environmental awareness.
Hanna Cafe Manager Rachid met some students when he visited the school to deliver our donation.

Henna Cafe Video


Lori Gordon Presents Morocco Adorned at Henna Cafe

  Henna Cafe Cultural Association, a partner in Marrakech Biennale 2104, are delighted to announce that internationally recognized American artist Lori K. Gordon will be presenting a collection of work at the cafe’s first floor gallery during the Biennale, February 26-March 31, 2014. Gordon, who is Founder and President of Six Degrees Consortium, will beContinue Reading