Welcome to Henna Cafe Marrakech

Warmest welcome to the Henna Café Mission of The Henna Café Project Offering free education to local residents of Marrarkech alongside a unique traditional Moroccan experience for those visiting the city, the Henna Café is a cultural center in the native heart of the Marrakech Medina providing professional clean Henna tattoos and wonderfully traditional foodContinue Reading

Henna during Eid-el-Fitr

Originating from Yemen, Libya, Sudan, India and, of course, Morocco, the art of Henna spread to Europe in the 19th century and is now seen as a desirable fashion all over the world as well as a tradition. In the Arab-Muslim world it is often used at times of celebration such as holidays, weddings and Eid.Continue Reading

Darija Lessons at Henna cafe

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Associaton Assafou

Henna Cafe are proud to support the Association Assafou for rural development. The specific project we are supporting is in Agounsane a village which is in less than an hour from Marrakech but in an isolated position in the mountians behind Tahanout. The Assafou association has built a school and hired a teacher.  The school openedContinue Reading

Henna Cafe Video

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Lori Gordon Presents Morocco Adorned at Henna Cafe

  Henna Cafe Cultural Association, a partner in Marrakech Biennale 2104, are delighted to announce that internationally recognized American artist Lori K. Gordon will be presenting a collection of work at the cafe’s first floor gallery during the Biennale, February 26-March 31, 2014. Gordon, who is Founder and President of Six Degrees Consortium, will beContinue Reading