We have exhibitions by local artists on display and for sale at the Henna Cafe.

To those artists who need assistance, we offer our support by providing free materials and exhibition space in exchange for the beauty their creations offer cafe staff and patrons.

More established artists on display generously donate a portion of the profits from sales made at the cafe to our Education Center.

If you are or know a new artist who needs assistance or an established artist who would like to make a contribution, please contact us. We are also interested in hosting these artists for a public discussion of their work and perhaps complementary workshops.

Mubarak is a wonderfully talented calligrapher from Marrakech.

We have helped him turn his amazing talent into a business by donating the paints and materials necessary to create works of art for sale. His masterpieces are painted onto cedar in the traditional Arabic style. You can view them on the walls of our cozy salon. Please ask a staff member if you would like to make a purchase.