Here at the Henna Cafe, we offer classes free of charge in a range of subjects at our Education Center. New classes are being added to our timetable regularly, so check our website for updates. Coming soon are classes in Spanish and theater. We hope to expand our programming in performance arts, as well as offer classes in the sciences.

Our Education Center is here to serve local Moroccans of all ages and backgrounds. Our inspirational teachers are here to impart valuable skills to our students and expand their creativity. It is our hope that they will gain and use lifelong tools and talents for the betterment of themselves, their communities, and their country.

Come to the cafe, contact us by email, or call 0656566374 to inquire about attending or teaching classes. Our Education Center is located below the Henna Cafe at 93 Arset Aouzal.

See our current timetables below.

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